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Satoshi is as Satoshi Does

What’s been holding my attention with laser focus for the last couple weeks, is all the “Satoshi Nakamoto” news that’s coming out…

I’ve been interested in Bitcoin since 2011. I’ve been evangelizing the technology and speculating in the market since 2013. I’ve day traded, converted non-believers and kept an ear to the ground. If you’re interested in learning more about Bitcoin, there are plenty of resources online.


Dr. Craig Steven Wright has publicly claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin. Gavin Andresen publicly backed that claim (then consequently had his github commit permissions to the Bitcoin open-source project removed). JVP has also publicly backed Wright’s claim, but wait, there’s more!

BBC landed the interview, with The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Wired Magazine and The Economist having published stories just after, confirming Wright’s claims. Then redacting them, then publishing follow up articles asking “Is he really?”. There is so much more to the complete story than can fit in a single news article and I believe that story is far from over. His claim was quickly debunked by reddit users everywhere.

Vitalik also wrecked Gavin at Consensus 2016 on why he thinks it’s not CSW.

All the “proof” offered so far seems to be an advanced lesson in slight of hand and an extreme demonstration of misdirection. And we haven’t even got to David Kleiman yet. Nor have I even mentioned the Tulip Trading Trust

Craig is also under audit by the Australian Tax Office and some claim his shoddy public reveal to be motivated by tax evasion purposes.

Still, the rabbit hole goes even deeper.

I also find it curious that all of this is happening relatively close to the block reward halvening.

There could also be other factors at play, like the debate about increasing the blocksize…

Some people say, “It doesn’t matter who Satoshi is!” and I disagree, simply because I want to know. However, the world may never know.