A blog of questionable meaning


Over the years I’ve grown very fond of the Puppet ecosystem. Puppet has been a pleasure to work with, whether creating internal roles and profiles or contributing to open source modules found on the forge. Recently, I had the opportunity to design a brand new Puppet deployment from the ground up, running in AWS and using the latest version, Puppet 6. Here’s how I did it..

Poisoned Summer

Collecting artisan keycaps has become a bit of a hobby of mine recently. In this post, I aim to educate readers on some light history of this somewhat niche community before showcasing the most recent “Poisoned Summer” Nightcaps sales by Eat The Food.

Three States of Coffee

Coffee has been a staple of my morning routine for quite some time, now. I tend to like strong flavors and smooth textures.

Satoshi is as Satoshi Does

What’s been holding my attention with laser focus for the last couple weeks, is all the “Satoshi Nakamoto” news that’s coming out…

Welcome to the Valley

About 6 months ago I talked about moving back to California from Texas. I’ve been living in Silicon Valley since January and I like it here. It’s been raining quite a bit, which is a little out of the ordinary but well received. This area is a major shift from San Antonio. It’s just a different vibe up here.

California Here We Come

After only six months of living in San Antonio, I’ll be leaving to head back to California. I won’t be returning to the Southern Californian suburb from whence I came, but rather the San Fransisco Bay-Area Calfornia I’ve only visited for a week.

The Tripping Octo Robot

From Linux to OS X and back again! You’d think a title like that would hold the promise of an exciting blog post. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Reality Bytes

This “Day and Age” we live in is dominated by a digital world that none of us can escape… I like to think I thrive in it.

Days of Future Passed

I feel like I need to write about a few things that I’ve been up to recently. I haven’t read a new book or created some new Linux workflow (yet). But I have discovered a new musical album and band.

The Phoenix Project by Behr, Spafford and Kim

It is rare for me to read an entire book over the course of a week. I usually take months to get around to cracking open a good ol’ paperback and taking the time away from some kind of screen to sit down and enjoy a novel. I don’t typically read novels. But, with this book, it was all too easy. A friend of mine, James Loosli, recommended this book to me. He said it would change the way I looked at IT and business and it did.